Why you need an Amazon Alexa skill for your podcast (and your business)!

You are probably wondering if it’s worth having an Amazon Alexa Skill for your podcast. What are the real benefits of having an Alexa Skill? What are the opportunities?
This article wants to give you all the information you need. Let’s start!

Smart Speaker, Google and Amazon Alexa

First, what is a smart speaker?
A smart speaker is a technology that interacts with us through vocal commands. It is composed of a speaker and an integrated Artificial Intelligence. The result is a small device, which we can address to only using our voice to perform actions.

Alexa is the name of one of the AIs we can interact with, which is integrated in smart speakers produced by Amazon. The system works through “Skills”, i.e. real Apps.
You can imagine Amazon Alexa as if it were a smartphone, with a set of installed Apps.
Alexa’s apps are known as Skills. Each Skill allows a specific function: from reproducing news, give meteo information, or open a specific podcast.
That podcast could be yours…

To open a Skill, it’s necessary to “invoke” it. You have to decide to which words the skill shall react to, pronounced right after its name.

“Alexa, open …”

These words have been referred to as “Invocation name”.

What’s the market of smart speakers?

Smart Speakers were introduced in the USA for the first time in 2015 and in few years have conquered the market. According to Edison Research, up to now over 23% of Americans own a smart speaker (over 65 million people).

The same report in 2018 shows that over 72% of them is faithful to Alexa and exclusively owns an Amazon smart speaker.

For such a reason we will focus on Amazon Alexa in this article.

One of the strong points of podcasts is the possibility to tell stories, instruct and educate so easily. The podcast is the medium that will get more benefits from this unstoppable trend .

What are the advantages of having a personal skill for your own podcast?

The technological world is evolving in a clear direction: “Easier is better”.

Making things much easier to users is not only a point not to neglect, but one of the most important key points today.

A skill is forever

Having a personal skill is like owning a personal App, but without having to worry about keeping it active, since your new episodes will be loaded automatically. You will only have to think about the contents, as you are already doing today.
Being able to choose what invocation name can be given to your skill, that is the name which opens your podcast, is probably one of the greatest advantages you can have.
Imagine to have a podcast which talks about Business, and register the invocation name “Alexa, open business news”. This name covers a lot of possible research and opens doors to new public.

The importance of the invocation name

More than that: once registered, the invocation name belongs to you forever!
A bit like registering a domain of a website on the internet.

But in the audio world, the invocation name is even more important than the web domain!!!

The search for contents through the voice is much more difficult than the search through a screen.

When we perform a visual search, we get all the information we need to make decisions. But when there’s no screen, the discovery is limited.
How can I search something I don’t know?
For that reason the choice of the right invocation name is fundamental: it is the direct connection not only with your audience, but with all the public who doesn’t know yet that you exists and who could find your podcast.

The audience you can reach

The public you can reach very wide and having a skill on the Store allows you to have further visibility on Amazon, one of the most visited sites worldwide.
Think about a user who is surfing Amazon and finds your skill as the first result!!!

Your audience

Besides being a strong branding and marketing element for your business, having your own skill means having a space with your public. The market is coming now to life and as usual, the first mover has remarkable advantages.
Are you ready to exploit such advantages?

How to create a skill for your podcast

We realized how it was complicated and difficult to create a skill for one’s own podcast. That’s why we have created a simple service which will allow you to publish your skill for your podcast in 3 easy steps.
In 3 easy steps you can create your skill, which will be sent to Amazon within 48 hours!
Well, the only thing to do now is creating your skill at once and profit about this opportunity before your competitors!

But my podcast is already on Alexa, isn’t it?

Typically no.
There are some platforms, however, that have developed Skill aggregating podcasts, so that you can listen to them through the same skill.
But this means that you don’t own the space and you cannot define the rules that you think most fit your audience.